Is so goss she

The title of this post is a bastardized pronunciation of isogashii (いそがしい), which means "busy" in Japanese. This time, it’s shigoto (仕事, work) in the jimusho (事務所, office) that’s eating up my jikan (時間, time). All my web projects are built upon a very loose PHP framework I’ve built over the last five or so, eight if you count the years I was building things haphazardly.

Although I’ve managed to build a lot of applications quickly with my self-rolled framework, I’ve gotten really tired of maintaining it. The idea of hacking through that code fills me up with such dread, I end up doing nothing.

About two weeks ago, I decided to try out some established frameworks to see how fast I could port an existing application. I picked CodeIgniter because it seemed lightweight and versatile enough for such a task, and I was incredibly encouraged when I got a registration and profile system done in a few days.

So I’ve spent my work days actually, well, working, and it’s unexpectedly cut into blogging time. The release schedule is also ramping up these next two weeks, and I may as well wait till they’re done before I start writing again. So I’ll be busy with code while the stores stock up on their Guns N’ Roses, Shiina Ringo and Killers.

After the holidays, I’ll see how much my playlists have bloated.