Access for the precocious, a follow-up

A while back, I mentioned a site called Sheet Music Plus. At the time, the site didn’t have a wish list functionality similar to Amazon. Well, it does now, and I even created a list for myself.

I broke my embargo on using my credit card recently in order to take advantage of a sale on small ensemble sheet music which ends, well, tomorrow. (Yeah, I should have probably given more of a heads up. I’m not too sure how many of my 10 readers would find that information useful, though.)

The sale was just the thing to spur me to grab a whole bunch of scores I’ve been meaning to get. I’m using these scores as research for the next time I try my hand at writing a string quartet. I would like the one string quartet I wrote back in 1990 — before I took even a single music theory class — not to stand on its own. But I have to do my homework first.

UPDATE, 05/20/2009, 09:51: Sheet Music Plus recently redesigned its website, and on the whole I really like it. But in doing so, they broke the list functionality, which won’t be available again till June 2009.