New site design launches

I don’t know if freshening up the figurative paint is going to spur me to write much more, but at least I got some practice with using CSS frameworks.

All that to say, I’ve given a new look. I’m using the Blueprint CSS framework as a basis for the design. The last time I went with a fixed width layout was 2003. Fluid designs, when done right, can accommodate more content, which is why I switched to them back then.

Well, all my sites are starting to look a bit dated, and now that I using more frameworks in my development — CodeIgniter for the server side, jQuery for the client side — I figured I may as well extend that usage to the design.

I think this design is the first time I’ve used a white background on anything since the late ’90s. White backgrounds, while professional as all get out, hurt my eyes. I’ve always opted for light-on-dark. Still do, but with this design I get a bit of both.

There are a few victims in this relaunch. Namely, the widgets — the and widgets were becoming eyesore to me. The only widget that remains is my Bandcamp widget for Eponymous 4.

I’m keeping the previous design for the archive because it works better with that content. I still have to update the favicon.ico to reflect the new colors.

The design has also been applied to the neglected sister sites, and