Thank you, Holidailies

Wow. So I made it to the last day of Holidailies. Of course, it helps to cheat.

Allow me to confess that I’m currently writing this entry on New Year’s Eve, during a time when the office is pretty much empty. Most of the entries I’ve written for this month were done ahead of time.

Yes, it helps to have a backlog of music to review, news to discuss and a year to review. But did I really need to spend five entries counting down my favorite albums of the decade? (Padding.) I did enjoy writing about my trip to Japan, which was very tangentially musical. But that kind of personal writing would have gone on my Vox site instead.

I did like the fact I created a new channel for music-themed book reviews, and I like how I’ve gotten back into the habit of recreational reading. I hope this fascination with non-fiction lasts me for the rest of the year.

I also hope this GTD thing keeps. Maybe the shift in priorities about which I fretted at the start of the month is a good thing.

None of my entries earned special recognition for Best of Holidailies. Eh, I figured music punditry wouldn’t go over well on a project based more on personal storytelling.

And as I predicted, I don’t think I’ve captured any new readers as a result. (If I did, holler out in the comments section. Did you enjoy the Holidailies Audio Guide to

I have to say I’m exhausted. That’s a lot of writing. And this weekend I’m taking a trip to San Francisco as research in my effort to relocate from Austin. In other words, the radio silence that befell this site before the trip to Japan is re-emerging once again.

Don’t worry. I still have that big-ass backlog to get through.