On the playlist, or getting things done … elsewhere

I’ve been busy with a project at work, and my usually blogging time has been curtailed as a result. So much for GTD.

I did, however, reach a point on Friday where a bulk of the heavy lifting is done, and everything that comes after is refinement. Well, until I start showing the project to other users. Then the feature requests will come in, and all bets are off.

I do have to say the release year seems to be starting off slower than usual. I’ve acquired only two items released in this year, and it’s already the last third of the first quarter. It looks like things won’t really pick up till Q2.

That gives me enough to time play catch up.

  • Dylan Rice, Electric Grids & Concrete Towers My priorities might have changed because I was really enamored of Rice’s debut, and I’m not getting that sense this time around.
  • Eluvium, Similies Said this in a Tweet: Matthew Cooper sings like David Byrne on too many barbiturates.
  • Francis Preve, "Caboose" and Hasown EP I took Francis’ synthesis class at ACC in 2007, so the fact I know him probably makes me like these releases a lot more than I would.
  • FLiP, Dear Girls FLiP has released three mini-albums in the time it would have taken to make one full-length release, and oddly enough, each mini album sounds slightly different.
  • Hatakeyama Miyuki, CHRONICLE, 2001-2009 Hatakeyama Miyuki’s discography could use a lot of editing, which this compilation provides.
  • Idle Warship, Party Robot "Black Snake Moan" is really hot …
  • MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS, "Hikizuru Beat/Made." I’m glad to hear Miyamoto Natsuko has her voice back.
  • Sacha Sacket, Hermitage My hope is the next Sacha Sacket full-length album fully explores the bigger sound featured on this EP.
  • Sade, Soldier of Love Oh, man, is the title track of this album an excellent single.
  • Sex Pistols, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols I’ve somehow managed to reach 37 without listening to this album. And I call myself a rockist?
  • SuiseiNoboAz, SuiseiNoboAz ZAZEN BOYS, Jr.
  • The Magnetic Fields, Realism This album gets its business done quick. I do like Distortion more, though.
  • Tokyo Jihen, Sports Just when I thought I wanted Sanmon Gossip to be the album Tokyo Jihen never recorded, Sports becomes the album I wish Sanmon Gossip had been.