Cocco releases new album in August

Cocco’s first new album in three years comes out on Aug. 11, and it’s titled Emerald, reports This album is the first Cocco has produced herself, with Takamune Negishi, Curly Giraffe and RYUKUDISCO contributing. A limited edition first pressing includes a DVD with videos for "Nirai Kanai", "Dugong no Mieru Oka" and "Kinuzure". Cocco also recently published a novel titled after her single "Polomerria". Here’s the track list for Emerald:

  1. Mimura Elegy
  2. Nirai Kanai
  3. Chou no Mau
  4. Spring around
  5. Hari no Hana
  6. 4×4
  7. Nobara
  8. Juusanya
  9. Light up
  10. Crocus
  11. Stardust
  12. Atarashii Uta
  14. Kinuzure ~Shima Kotoba