On the playlist, or やっつけ仕事 (rush job)

As much I like my new-ish job — I’ve been there for nine months now — it doesn’t have any down time. There’s maybe enough time to check news feeds and a smattering of social media but nothing beyond that.

When I get home, I’ve got other things brewing — mixing and remixing Eponymous 4 tracks, learning HTML5, Flex and Ruby on Rails, reducing my body fat — and they eat whatever time and energy I could have spent writing an entry.

And writing takes quite a bit of energy.

So once again I make a half-assed list of all the music about which I should be writing more in-depth.

  • Abigail Washburn, City of Refuge For such a rustic Americana album, it’s got some serious downtown credentials with Tucker Martine producing and Bill Frisell making a guest appearance.
  • Café Tacvba, Avalancha de éxitos The first Café Tacvba album I listened to (borrowed from a friend), and it’s taken me more than a decade to own. Finally.
  • Duran Duran, All You Need Is Now Duran Duran was really lost there that entire last decade, so here’s hoping Mark Ronson’s swift kick in the butt keeps them on their toes.
  • Gang of Four, Content It’s pointless to make a comparison with Entertainment!, but I’ll say this much — this album can show those up-starts how it’s done.
  • Glenn Kotche, Mobile I was vaguely curious about this album when it came out in 2006, but when Kotche performed with Bang on a Can All-Stars back in January, I finally sated that curiosity.
  • Hatakeyama Miyuki with ASA-CHANG and Blue Hats, Watashi no Uta I saw a copy of this album at Book-Off on one of my last visits to Hawai"i. I wish I got it.
  • James Blake, James Blake Seems like fans of his EPs hate this album, but what little I’ve heard of the EPs makes me think I’m right to like this album as much as I do.
  • Kronos Quartet / Kimmo Pohjonen / Samuli Kosminen, Uniko I liked Floodplain, but it didn’t compel me to write about it. This album compels me.
  • Kuriyama Chiaki, CIRCUS I can’t say I’m wowed by Shiina Ringo’s "Oishii Kisetsu", but it works well within the context of Kuriyama’s surprisingly rocking debut. Is CIRCUS this year’s answer to Tomosaka Rie’s Toridori?
  • Michael Daugherty, Metropolis Symphony / Deus ex Machina Deus ex Machina won the 2011 Grammy for Best Contemporary Composition.
  • MO’SOME TONEBENDER, MO’SOME TONEBENDER I really hope this compilation isn’t some revisionist historical record because sifting through 13 albums is a lot of work.
  • Nadia Sirota, First Things First I couldn’t leave Amoeba Records without purchasing something from the classical section, and this album had some Nico Muhly pieces on it.
  • Ricky Martin, Musico Alma Sexo I genuinely liked the 30-second samples I heard on eMusic, and as it turns out, the album is actually pretty decent.
  • Talking Heads, Remain in Light I think I still prefer Fear of Music, but I can understand why all the critics wet themselves over this album.
  • The Decemberists, The King Is Dead As I’ve previously tweeted, The King Is Dead is the best album R.E.M. has recorded since perhaps Lifes Rich Pageant or Document. I actually do like this album.
  • The Drums, The Drums I have to knock LCD Soundsystem off last year’s Favorite Edition list to make room for the Drums, whom I like a lot more than I ought to.


  1. Also, I don’t know if you listen to Sparta Locals, but you should really look into them if you haven’t. They’re like a mix between Television and Gang of Four. Check out Second Fanfare (a classic in my book), Sun Sun Sun, Dreamer and Leecher.

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