Go West

It’s almost five months to the day since I last updated this site.

Is it dead? I’d like to think not, but for the time being, it won’t be updated till I get through a pretty major event happening in my life right now — I’m moving to Seattle.

In my mind, I’ve been done with Austin for the last half decade, but I wasn’t in quite the financial or professional shape to justify a move. Now it seems those proverbial stars have lined up. I landed a job with the University of Washington, which I’ll start in mid-January.

So now my life will be occupied with finishing up work projects, packing, organizing a move, finding a place to live — not much time to update a blog neglected for nearly half a year.

And even after I’ve settled in, I question whether this site will continue in its present form.

It’s not just Musicwhore.org specifically — it’s all the other blogs I’ve started and neglected. I have seven. I think maybe one should do.

Those logistics haven’t been planned, and it’s probably going to be a while till I figure it out.

Till then, here’s a list of what I could have been writing about in the last five months if I had mustered the gumption:

  • My new favorite label is New Amsterdam Records. It’s the gateway label between Temporary Residence and New World or Tzadik.
  • I would not profess this love for New Amsterdam had it not been for another growing influence in my listening habits: Spotify. The streaming service spurred me to get Fugazi’s 13 Songs or The Smiths Complete.
  • I’m curious why Kate Bush didn’t bother to master Director’s Cut. I had to put it through my own mastering to make it bearable to listen to.
  • I sure have been listening to a lot of catalog and deluxe reissues.
  • I had excellent seats to both Emmylou Harris and Sade.