Hello world, part the second

A few weeks back, I migrated Musicwhore.org from Movable Type to WordPress as an experiment. Although I didn’t really post much after the migration, it did convince me to make the move permanent.

I figured if I’m doing that much remodeling, I should spruce up the look of the site as well. So here is Musicwhore.org relaunched!

For the web developer nerds out there, yes — I’m finally using such modern conventions as rounded corners, custom fonts and background gradients. I’m not an interface developer, so creating a WordPress theme specifically for this site took quite some time and effort. (Time and effort that should have been used posting entries. Ahem.)

I’m hoping all this work will bring me back to the fold. It’s been five months now since I left Austin and moved to Seattle. I’ve gotten into a routine, so I really can’t use that as an excuse for the lack of updates.

Not that I can come up with others …

UPDATE, 5/8/2012 08:22 PT: I mention things like rounded corners and background gradients. What I failed to mention are the supported browsers. Pretty much, this site was viewed on Chrome 18, Firefox 11 and Internet Explorer 9. You probably won’t see the same effects on any browser older than IE9. Also, I haven’t addressed layouts on smartphones browsers just yet.