has a Twitter

I made a comment on the Facebook page that maybe I should move my one-liner reviews to Twitter. Then it made me realize the number times I would post something to my personal Twitter feed and think, “I really ought to be putting this on a Twitter feed.”

My hesitation about creating a separate Twitter account is pretty much rooted in laziness. I like using Twitter’s web interface, but it’s lousy when you have multiple accounts. It’s the same situation I faced with my Eponymous 4 account — I would post updates to the personal account, even though they should be coming from Eponymous 4.

TweetDeck has always been a solution to this multiple account conundrum, but I disliked having to launch an Adobe AIR application to do something I feel more comfortable doing through the web. So I would barely use it.

Twitter acquired TweetDeck a long time back and launched a web version of it. A Chrome app is also available.

Problem solved! So now can be found on Twitter: @MusicwhoreOrg.