Looking ahead: April-June 2013

It’s been four months since the last post. I’m distracted as usual, but in reality, this year has been incredibly slow to start. The first quarter really didn’t have very many releases to draw my attention, and it’s only in the last month that things have started to pick up.

Hem, Departure and Farewell, April 2

Hem was on the verge of breaking up, but songwriter Dan Messe penned a track, “Tourniquet,” that eventually brought the band back to record another album.

James Blake, Overgrown, April 9

I read a lot of reviews complaining about how James Blake’s self-titled debut was too conventional compared to his EPs. I think I’d rather have the conventional.

The Flaming Lips, The Terror, April 16

They still record albums? I thought they sold music in Gummi Bear skulls.


ABBOT KINNEY was a real winner for LOVE PSYCHEDELICO. I’m hoping that streak continues.

Kuriyama Chiaki, “Toyosu RUSHIFERIN”, April 24

Kuriyama Chiaki’s new single was written by 9mm Parabellum Bullet guitarist Suguwara Takuro, who appeared on Kuriyama’s debut album, CIRCUS.

Guided By Voices, English Little League, April 30

Four albums in the span of 18 months. Was anyone else not very impressed with Let’s Go Eat the Factory and Class Clown Spots a UFO? Bears for Lunch seemed somewhat decent, but twice bitten …

Midnight Oil, Essential Oils, April 30

This 36-song retrospective was released in Australia last year, and I even got an import as a Christmas gift. It’s also been available through digital services in the US. This compilation does a thorough job of sampling just about every album, live album and EP, some of the tracks previously unavailable in the US.

Patty Griffin, American Kid, May 7

It’s rude to wish an artist would record a sequel to an album, but I would still love to see Patty Griffin do another Flaming Red.

98 Degrees, 2.0, May 7

Not only do I still own Revelation, I also have a fondness for Nick Lachey’s What’s Left of Me. That doesn’t mean I’m pre-ordering this one. (But I will fire up an Evil Streaming Service if it’s there.)

Sam Amidon, Bright Sunny South, May 14

Bright Sunny South marks Sam Amidon’s debut on Nonesuch. For some reason, this signing surprised me. I would have thought Amidon would have moved to a large indie — Merge or something of that ilk — instead of jumping to a major, even a forward-thinking one such as Nonesuch.

Nonesuch seems to be aligning itself with the indie rock circuit, if the signing of Iron and Wine is any indication.

Eluvium, Nightmare Ending, May 14

Oh, I hope Matthew Cooper doesn’t sing on this one.

Shiina Ringo, “Iroha ni Hoeto/Kodoku no Aritsuki”, May 27

May 27 marks the 15th anniversary of Shiina Ringo’s debut, and this single is her first release after the dissolution of Tokyo Jihen.

Sigur Rós, Kveikur, June 18

Did we jump ahead in time five years? Because I could have sworn the last Sigur Rós album was released just last year.