She’s on a roll …

Utada Hikaru is really being productive. She’s set to release a new single in February, so says I wish I knew that before I placed my order for Shiina Ringo’s Heisei Fuuzoku — I could have killed two birds with one pre-order. No details have been published about the single.

I wonder when she’ll start working on another English-language album. I was definitely critical of her US debut, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t welcome another English album from her. If anything, it would be terrific if she could parlay the maturity of Ultra Blue into it.


  • Id says:

    I was actually at Walmart the other day and saw Exxodus there haha. Totally random shit there. Her single was “something kuma” a song about her teddy bear apparently. I don’t know if she’s singing about her husband or if she’s gone all Tommy on us with another “Brownie the Cat” haha.

  • NemesisVex says:

    I rather like “Boku wa Kuma”. The video is really cute. My first reaction when I heard about it was, “Huh, pulling a Cocco there, eh?” (Cocco included at least one children’s song on her albums.) And yes, the song was inspired by a Kuma-chan bear she received as a gift. She was so smitten with it, she wrote a song.