A Year Without Eithne

On the way to finding more about UA’s Nephews album, I noticed Tower Records Japan was already starting to anticipate a new album by Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, better known to the world as Enya.

I was skeptical. Enya recorded a song in Japanese for a Panasonic commercial in 2004, and Warner Japan was way too eagar to announce the release of an album shortly afterward. Enya’s management wrote a press release backpedalling the Japanese label’s enthusiasm, stating no new album was ready for release.

Tower lists the album for a Nov. 9, 2005 release date. I haven’t found much corroborating evidence to support the news, aside from a second-hand mention of a German release.

Even though Enya takes half a decade to release albums, I’m still far more enthusiastic about a new Kate Bush album than a new Enya album. (Although confessing any sort of anticipation for either album really does make me gay.) It’s standard operating procedure to see only two Enya albums in 10 years. Enya, however, didn’t inspire an author to write an entire book about waiting for her.

In searching for any additional information about a new Enya album, I ran across an article about another Bhraonáin sibling, Bridin Brennan. Unlike her older sister Eithne or her other siblings in Clannad, Bridin’s music is straight-ahead pop. It’s an interesting way to remain distinct, as it seems she’s done for most of her life. Bridin became a hairdresser so she wouldn’t become a musician.