They aren’t nieces?

CD Japan e-mailed me an announcement that UA was releasing a full-length album on Oct. 26, only 7 months after the release of a full studio album in March. Speedstar Records hasn’t yet mentioned it, neither does UA’s commemorative 10-year anniversary site. Tower Records, however, was kind enough to provide some ad copy.

The new album, titled Nephews, is a rarities collection featuring UA’s contributions to films and commercials, plus collaborations she has done with other artists. Tracks include Kodama Kazafumi’s “Gekkou Waltz”, Mondo Grosso’s “Hikari” and Towa Tei’s “Last Century Modern”. The collection will also include two new songs, “A Felicidade” and “Kono Sakamichi no Tochuu de”. The former is featured on a commercial, while the latter is the theme song for the film, Kuuchuu Teien.

Personally, I wasn’t inclined to get Illuminate, her best collection released in 2003, because it consisted of album tracks I already had. Nephews is something about which I’d be more curious, and with UA’s and Quruli’s catalog getting a limited edition price reduction in September, Nephews and turbo would pretty much round out my UA collection. I don’t have Horizon, though.