Tokyo Jihen, Sasagawa Miwa

Shiina Ringo’s band Tokyo Jihen is set to release a new single, titled “Shurajoo”, on Nov. 2, reports. The three-track single will be coupled with “Koi wa Maboroshi”, which is a cover of ’70s SoCal singer-songwriter Ned Doheny’s “Get It Up for Love”, and “Rakujitsu”. It’ll be the first release from the group since the departure of keyboardist H-Zeto-M (Hiizami Masayuki) and guitarist Hiruumi Mikine (Hirama Mikio).

Sasagawa Miwa, meanwhile, is pulling a Cocco1. also reports the distinctive singer-songwriter will release another single, “Shiunji”, on Oct. 26., but sale of the single is restricted to the Niigata area. Sasagawa grew up in the area and wrote the song as a homage to her hometown. already reported on the release of Sasagawa’s next single, “Himawari”, a re-recording of her very first indie label release.

1 Cocco restricted the sale of her single “Fuuka Fuusoo” to Okinawa back in 2000.