Done as Finite

I guess Do As Infinity isn’t as eternal as its name implies. reports the band is breaking up. The duo (or trio?) releases a career retrospective, Do the A-Side, on Sept. 29, nearly 6 years to the date of its debut. Do As Infinity performs its last live show at Budokan in Tokyo on Nov. 25.

Singer Van Tomiko will continue as a solo artist, while guitarist Owatari Ryo makes his side project band, Missile Innovation, a full-time gig. Behind-the-scenes member Nagai Dao pretty much remains behind the scenes as a songwriter and producer.

Do As Infinity, for me, lost steam after the third album. Even though Need Your Love, the band’s most recent — and obviously final — album, was a much-needed jolt, it felt like the band had little else to explore.

They pushed a rather unique sound as far as it could go, and in a way, I’m glad they’re calling it quits instead of continuing on and becoming redundant.