I guess this site is becoming a Number Girl blog now, huh?

Quick on the heels of its debut single, SLOTH LOVE CHUNKS announced the release of its debut album, Shikakui Vision, on Feb. 9, 2006, reports. SLOTH LOVE CHUNKS includes Number Girl bassist Nakao Kentaro, Belters singer Kayo, Kiwiroll guitarist og and Laughin’ Nose drummer Kenji. The album is expected to contain 10 songs, including “Loveless Ideal”, the band’s debut single.

On the same day as the release of ZAZEN BOYS’ third album, bandleader Mukai Shuutoku will also release a DVD of his apperanace on the Space Shower TV program, Yuigadokuson. Titled Yuigadokuson presents Kendai no Mukai ~ZAZEN BOYS~, the DVD features Mukai performing six ZAZEN BOYS songs solo, plus some rehearsal footage of his covering Matsutoya Yumi’s “Mamotte Agetai”.