Much neglected

Yeah, I haven’t been very mindful of this site in the last few weeks. The office has kept me busy, and I’ve been taking classes this semester, so about the only thing I can squeeze in is an occassional post about former members of Number Girl.

I’ve been meaning to review quite a number of albums I’ve been listening to in the last few months. At the risk of stealing my own thunder, maybe I’ll do the Television Without Pity practice of writing a “reviewlet” before replacing it with a full-fledge review. Or I could do what my friend Jette does with her six-minute reviews.

But really, I’m just writing out loud right now.

I am, however, planning to write about:

  • Madonna, Confessions on a Dancefloor Because anything is an improvement over American Life, but this one moreso.
  • Enya, Amarantine Just to play up some imaginary sibling rivalry between her and Bridin, reviewed previously.
  • Kate Bush, Aerial Because 12 years is a fucking long time to wait.
  • todde, I dedicate D chord Because it’s actually a pretty good effort.
  • Sigur Rós, Takk … Because it’s my favorite album of the year.
  • Bob Mould, Body of Song Because gay men can’t rock, but Bob Mould can.

Consider this list an accountability measure.