Unveiling the ‘mask’

The good news: ACO is coming out with a new release on Feb. 22. The not-as-great news: it’s 7-track mini-album.

It’s been three years since ACO released her stunning 2003 album, irony, and now she returns with mask, so says Bounce.com. The mini-album includes “Chuukoku”, produced by absolute ego collaborator Sunahara Yoshinori, the commercial song “guilty” and a remix of an old song, “Fuan no Onna”.

As soon as I’m done posting this entry, I’m ordering it. I didn’t even realize it’s been three years since irony. I did, however, feel a twinge an ACO jones a few weeks back and wondered when she would re-emerge.

I wonder if she’s turning into Kate Bush, with all these slow turn-around times.