SXSW 2006: Dir en grey, WTF?

SXSW 2006 updated its partial list of bands performing at this year’s music festival. As is my habit, I search for any Japanese bands listed. Here’s who’s booked so far, schedules as always subject to change:

  • Afrirampo
  • Caroline
  • Dir en grey
  • DMBQ
  • Ellegarden
  • The Emeralds
  • eX-Girl
  • Gitogito Hustler
  • Limited Express (has gone?)
  • Luminous Orange
  • My Way My Love
  • Masahiro Nitta
  • Noahlewis’ Mahlon Taits
  • PE’Z
  • The Rodeo Carburettor
  • Kunimoto Takeharu
  • Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re
  • Toru Yonaha

Dir en grey? What the fuck is up with that?

I know at this point I want to catch PE’Z and Luminous Orange. I would love to see what eX-Girl has been up to since 2003’s Endangered Species. And I’m vaguely curious about Noahlewis’ Mahlon Taits. We’ll see how the scheduling goes, though.