Sympathy for the record industry

Global music sales decline another 2 percent in 2005, despite a three-fold increase in online sales, so says the Associated Press. How could that be?

Record bosses are now having to look beyond piracy to explain the latest decline in revenues, which have fallen about 20 percent globally since 1999.

“Piracy in all its forms has been the major factor in this reversal but not the only factor,” said Eric Nicoli, chairman of EMI Group PLC, the world’s No. 3 record company.

You think? Maybe perhaps the labels are putting out shit product and consumers are getting smarter about it?

Some analysts see other reasons for the industry’s current woes. “Executives have focused so much of their attention on piracy that they’ve diverted their efforts from developing new talent,” said Phil Leigh of Inside Digital Media, a U.S. market research firm.

I don’t download very much, nor do I purchase files online. What I hear doesn’t give me much incentive to do either.