Release news: Hatakeyama Miyuki in April

I received an e-mail from CD Japan informing me Hatakeyama Miyuki is releasing a new album, Reflection, on April 5.

I spent a week grabbing a 6GB torrent just to hear her single, "Ai ni Melody". Her last album, Wild and Gentle, didn’t do it for me, but I kind of missed hearing her voice. "Ai ni Melody" is actually a really good single, and it’s gotten me genuinely curious about Hatakeyama’s work again.

I’m glad she’s back.

UPDATE: has a few more details about the new album. Some of the songwriters contributing to the album include Nagadzumi Takahashi (Super Butter Dog/Hanaregumi), Harada Ikuko (Clammbon), Horigomi Yasuyuki (Kirinji) and Nakano Yoshie (EGO WRAPPIN’). A number of the songs were premiered at Hatakeyama’s annual concert at Shinagawa Church.

Reflection will be Hatakeyama’s first album for new label, Rhythm Zone. Her management company, ChorDiary, was previously distributed by Toshiba-EMI.