If Core of Soul falls in the forest …

… and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Core of Soul will break up after its March 24 performance in Osaka, reports Bounce.com. The band recently released its fourth album, One Love, One Day, One Life. On Feb. 22, a DVD and best album will be released.

I included Core of Soul in the original artist directory, but I didn’t really disguise how bad I thought they were. I gave the band’s debut album a good review but not after trashing their songwriting.

I’m a snob that way.

I went on vacation in New York City in April 2005, and I visited Kinokuniya for some CD shopping. Core of Soul’s third album, 3, was on the cutout table selling for less than $10. Even Kinokuniya couldn’t get rid of them fast enough.