Do you like to FEED?

That was the tagline for the now-defunct Japanese rock band FEED. But I would like to mention the RSS feed (

I know I haven’t really been posting much here, and that thing called "real life" is pretty much the culprit for my negligence. So rather than taking time out of your surfing — which is wasted when you visit here and there’s nothing to see — let a service such as Bloglines take care of it for you.

Sign up for an account, then subscribe to the RSS feed. When I post an update, Bloglines will grab the content from my feed and inform you of an update.

More precisely, whenever you visit your Bloglines account, you can see whether has new content.

I’ve come to rely on Bloglines myself. In fact, Bloglines is very useful in keeping track of and Oops Music updates. And I use it to keep track of a whole range of sites.

So if you want to make better use of your surfing time, look into a service like Bloglines. I can tell you now my posting schedule from here on out will be erratic.