Four out change

Supercar split up in early 2005, and a year later, each member is off doing his or her own thing.

Singer/guitarist Nakamura Koji started up a new project, Ill, says No details are available about this new project, but last year, Nakamura’s other post-Supercar project, Nyantora, released a third album, Yoru wo Wasurenai/97-03.

A few days ago, bassist Furukawa Miki launched her own official site. Nothing on there yet about any new projects, but both Furukawa’s and Nakamura’s sites are hosted by Yamaha Corporation — presumably their new label.

Ishitari Junji and Tazawa Kodai each have weblogs now. Kodai released a second album with aM back in Oct. 2005.

It’s somewhat interesting to see the post-group dynamics at play — Nakamura links to Furukawa’s site, and Ishitari and Tazawa both use the same blogging site. Of course, may be some sort of MySpace-style blog farm, so I’m probably reading way more into it.