I must still be dreaming, or Cocco releases another single

Cocco releases her second single of the year, titled "Hi no Terinagara Ame no Furu", on May 24, so says Bounce.com. Unlike the high energy of "Onsoku Punch", the new single is a mid-tempo ballad with a more hopeful, inspriational feel. That’s how the article reads. From that description, I’m guessing it probably sounds like "Hane ~lay down my arms~". A limited edition pressing includes a bonus 8-cm (3-inch) disc containing "blue bird", the ending theme to the film, Vital.

The track listing, according to Cocco’s label site:

  1. Hi no Terinagara Ame no Furu
  2. Te no Naru Hoo e
  3. Composition