Round-up: Nirgilis/Tommy heavenly6/ex-Supercar

I’ve been pretty lax about posting news regarding artists covered previously on this site. So I’m rounding these old news items up in a single post, more as a note to myself. I’m sure the plethora of other sites have already disseminated these items.

  • New Nirgilis single, June 7. Capitalizing on the promising success of its previous single "sakura", Nirgilis is releasing another single, "24 Searchlight", on June 7. The title track is the opening number for the anime series, Kookyoshihen Eureka Seven. Sales of "sakura" were boosted by its inclusion as the ending theme for Matthew’s Best Hit UV.

  • New Tommy heavenly6 single, June 7. Tommy heavenly6’s yet untitled single was used in a commercial for Kanebo cosmetics. A limited-edition pressing includes a DVD. The single follows last November’s Tommy february6 release, "Lonely is gorgeous". Doesn’t Kawase Tomoko get confused?

  • Debut single by iLL, May 24. iLL is the new project by ex-Supercar member Nakako, and a limited edition pressing of the band’s debut single, "sound By iLL", includes a DVD featuring a collaboration with Ukawa Naohiro.

  • Debut single by Furukawa Miki, June 21. Another Supercar alumnus, Furukawa Miki, releases her debut, "Coffee & singing girl", whcih includes two original songs and remixes of both songs. A limited edition pressing also includes a DVD.