Launched (Re-launched)

It’s done! For the most part …

I finally got through all the development to integrate Musicbrainz and Amazon Web Services with and the archive.

In fact, I re-launched the archive with a familiar design and with new navigation.

I took out the Amazon @ Musicwhore shop, which never really took off the way it should have. I consolidated all the content, so now there’s no separation between the old reviews and news items. I also redesigned how discography tracks are displayed, and I even managed to get some interaction between the web services and my database.

Take a look, for instance, at this entry for Number Girl’s School Girl Distortional Addict. The Japanese track listing, previously unavailable on, is now being called from the services, while the legacy data is presented alongside it.

I’m also using some new XML parsing code to handle lyrics. This example uses JavaScript to switch out the content between English and Japanese.

Some of those changes can even found on this site. At the end of each review, such as this one for Number Girl’s Omoide In My Head 4, album information is provided at the bottom.

I still have a few features I have yet to develop. But the last two weeks’ of intense coding is now online. And I couldn’t be more relieved!