Stunt casting

When it comes to stunt casting, Gilmore Girls has some of the best. Madeliene Albright made her way into one of Rory’s dreams, while the real Paul Anka met up with the dog Paul Anka in a rather bizarre sequence in one of Lorelai’s dreams. Norman Mailer, on the other hand, didn’t appear in a dream sequence.

What does any of this have to do with The Back Horn’s Yamada Masashi singing backing vocals on Utada Hikaru’s forthcoming album, Ultra Blue?

Probably nothing. But in terms of crossover pairings, this strikes me as stunt casting on the level of Nelly enlisting Tim McGraw for backing vocals. What’s next? Hamasaki Ayumi dueting with Chiba Yusuke from Thee Michelle Gun Elephant? Namie Amuro singing with Yoshimura Hideki of bloodthirsty butchers?

Speaking of Gilmore Girls, Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Joe Pernice and Sparks show up for an episode when the town’s troubadour, played by Grant Lee Phillips, gets tapped to open for Neil Young. Did I mention Sebastian Bach of Skid Row has a regular guest star spot? I love this show.