Looking ahead: June 2006-July 2006

A lot of the releases in this entry could qualify as curiosities for me. I’m not going to pre-order them, nor will I totally dismiss them when they hit the shelves.

Nirgilis, Boy, June 28

And for its third album, Nirgilis covers the entire debut album of U2. Joke.

Boy is Nirgilis’ first album for Sony Music and its third overall. The 11-track disc includes its previous two singles, "sakura" and "24 Searchlight", plus tracks from its Tower Records special edition single, "My Revolution".

Bonnie Pink, Every Single Day -Complete Bonnie Pink (1995-2006)-, July 26

Bonnie Pink released 9 singles on Pony Canyon and another 13 on Warner Bros. They get collected on one two-disc set, with a special edition pressing containing a DVD. Between two previously released anthologies, Bonnie’s Kitchen, Bonnie Pink is one prolific singer-songwriter.

Furukawa Miki, TBD, July 11

The ex-Supercar bassist teams with up Supercar producer Mashiko on her first completely self-written album. I’m really in the dark as much as anyone what any member of Supercar would sound like on their own. Will the sum turn out to be greater than the parts?

Sonic Youth, Rather Ripped, June 13

Murray Street seemed to have gotten a lot of attention, but Sonic Nurse went pretty unnoticed. Is anyone even paying attention to Rather Ripped?

India.Arie, Testimony, Vol. 1: Life & Relationship, June 27

I went through my India.Arie phase pretty quickly. I’m still waiting for a second album by Res, though. Whenever she gets that thing finished, I’m all over it.

Grant Lee Phillips, nineteeneighties, June 27

The only thing that makes me remotely interested in Grant Lee Phillips is the fact he plays the Town Troubador on Gilmore Girls. And as the title indicates, the album contains covers of ’80s college rock bands. But the sound clips on the Rounder web site are kind of … <grunt/>.

Thom Yorke, The Eraser, July 11

Roddy Woomble, My Secret Is My Silence, July 24, UK

I’m not a crazy Idlewild fan, but I have liked what they’ve done. A solo album by Roddy Woomble would be something I’d find on an evil network, but I don’t if I’d give over valuable shelf space in my collection for it. Same goes for the Thom Yorke solo album. I still don’t get Radiohead, and for all the wet pants that resulted from Kid A and Amnesiac, Café Tacvba recorded the same albums with much better results on Reves/Yosoy.