ICE follow-up: End of May annoucement?

ICE magazine, which ceased publication in April, posted the following message on its web site:

Dear ICE readers:

There’s no news yet on the final disposition of ICE, but thank you for your patience in waiting. We’re presently negotiating with more than one party about ICE’s future moving into the summer and beyond. We’re sorry that the April, May and now June issues were missed, but we’re closing in on a solution and will post it here as soon as it’s reached. We kept putting off this update thinking a final announcement was imminent, but things always take longer than one plans for.

We’re fully aware that all of our subscribers are owed product or compensation, so please be assured that we’re working furiously toward a conclusion. Thank you for your patience, and please keep your eyes peeled here for a final disposition, which we fully expect to reach by the end of May.

With Best Wishes,

Pete Howard


ICE magazine

The end of May is tomorrow, so who knows what that announcement may be? I will be heartbroken if ICE goes away forever, but at the same time, I can’t say I’m totally hopeful.