UA is the cure for jazz

I saw this announced on the Speedstar site a number of weeks ago, but now, details have emerged about UA’s new jazz standards album. Titled cure jazz, the album is a collaboration between UA and saxophone player Kikuchi Naruyoshi. The July 19 release contains 12 songs, including "Over the Rainbow" and "A Night in Tunisia". reports UA and Naruyoshi each appeared on the other’s latest albums — Naruyoshi on UA’s Sun, and UA on Naruyoshi’s Degustation Jazz. The pair will then embark on a series of concert dates to promote the album, including appearances at the Fuji Rock Festival and the Rising Sun Rock Festival.

The track listing for cure jazz:

  1. Born to be blue
  2. Night in Tunisia
  3. Over the rainbow
  4. Music on the planet where dawn never breaks
  5. Ordinary fool
  6. 嘆息的泡 (Tansokuteki Awa)
  7. This city is too jazzy to be in love
  8. Luiza
  9. Honeys and scorpions
  10. Hymn of lambarene
  11. I’ll be seeing you
  12. Nature d’eau