releases Winamp plugin with Unicode support

If you’re tired of seeing question marks every time Winamp scrobbles an MP3 with Japanese tagging, you’re in luck. has released an updated Winamp plugin for testing. If you’re an old-school plugin user, you’ll have to install the client to take advantage of the Unicode support. You’ll also need to install Winamp 5.34 or later, since that’s the version and build in which the player fully supports Unicode.

After three months of no Scrobbling, I’ve started up again, and to test this update’s mettle, I played a bunch of Japanese-tagged files. Looks promising.

I can now start retagging my files to use Japanese. I could just keep it in Romaji (easier to read for me, at least) but I need the reading and writing practice. I’m also going to have to start feeding all the stuff that I’ve been listening to these past three months.