Shiratori Maika releases new album in September

Both Kevin and V! have commented about the impending release of a new Shiratori Maika album, and I keep forgetting to post about it myself. So if you want to express your excitement over a new Shiratori album — the first in three years — please post here!

The album is titled Hikousen, and it’s scheduled for release on Sept. 12 on her new label, Universal Music. CD Japan lists the album at 2,381 yen, which is slightly less expensive than her releases on Pony Canyon.

My own funds have gotten tight that I’m actually going to have to depend on the Evil Sharing Networks to listen to this one. I liked Gemini, but I was somewhat lukewarm to Tougenkyou. So I’m going to approach this release with a bit of cautious optimism.

I do have to say the Japanese release schedule this year is far more appealing than what’s happening domestically.