Requisite gay pride entry, 2008

June is Gay Pride Month, and last year, Towleroad linked to a post on Hypeful containing MP3s of gay artists. I supplemented those offerings with my own list of less recognizable names.

If this blog has a focus — which it really doesn’t — the three top subjects are Japanese indie rock, modern classical music and college rock from the ’80s. But I do mention independent gay musicians as well.

2008 has been a good year for discovery, so why not share yet again? These links will self-destruct in two weeks.

The Dead Betties, "Nightmare Sequence"

Darren Hayes, "How to Build a Time Machine"

hey willpower, "Magic Window"

Adam Joseph, "Take Time"

The Magnetic Fields, "California Girls"

Mirah, "Cold Cold Water"

Bob Mould, "Shelter Me"

Nico Muhly, "Mothertongue, Part 1: Archive"

Office, "Possibilities"

There are still not enough women on this list.