Does this mean I can get Cakewalk SONAR from Best Buy now?

The only thing I really get from Best Buy are Bleach DVDs. (The anime, not the band.) I’ll buy a hard drive or a stick of RAM if the need arises and I don’t want to haul all the way across town for the better selection — and prices — at Fry’s. But for music gear? Doesn’t even register.

Nor do I suspect it will, even as Best Buy expands into selling music equipment. According to the Billboard article, Best Buy isn’t just putting stuff on shelves — stores will set aside actual space so customers can try the gear out.


I imagine Best Buy would be a nice place to get some starter gear, as it is to get starter software or basic hardware. But Guitar Center and Sweetwater do a more comprehensive job, and beginners would probably do well just to start there. Best Buy doesn’t strike me as the kind of place that would help customers graduate to more specialized gear.