On the playlist, or from where did all this listening come?

A few weeks back, it seemed I hit a dry spell with finding new listening. So indulged in a little catch-up with catalog releases and a lot of Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn.

Now I’ve got a playlist crossing the full work-week threshold, which pretty much means I really ought to start clearing some stuff up.

I’m hoping a relatively bare August will allow that to happen.

  • Ann-Sally, Brand-New Orleans Ann-Sally has a phone book/grocery list voice, but put her in a room with some New Orleans musicians, singing New Orleans music, and hot damn!
  • BLEACH, Kien After the relative sprawl of the last album, Kien clocks in at a compact 32 minutes, which is just enough for the intensity of this music.
  • BUGY CRAXONE, Hello, Punk Lovers So soon after Good morning, Punk Lovers?
  • CHARA, honey Ever since leaving Sony, CHARA has sounded a lot more upbeat.
  • Gang of Four, "Second Life" Wow. I think I’m actually looking forward to that forthcoming self-released album, if this single is any indication.
  • Guided By Voices, Mag Earwhig! More research.
  • Hajime Chitose, "Hotaru Boshi" and Cassini This album seems to have fewer dead spots than the last two, but a few more listens will determine whether it’s up to par with her debut. Her version of "Siúil A Rún" turns out to be a lot better than I expected. It still might make purists cringe.
  • Joan Jeanrenaud, Strange Toys Got it, but haven’t had much time to give it very many spins. Yet.
  • Jonathan Mendelsohn, SNOCAP tracks I like these tracks far more than a self-respecting rockist should.
  • Ludwig van Beethoven, Piano Trios, Op. 70, Nos. 1 & 2 (Stuttgart Piano Trio) With my eMusic subscription, I intend to download the full pieces featured in the films Amadeus and Immortal Beloved — none of this one-movement except stuff for me anymore, no sir …
  • Michael Hersch, Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2 / Fracta / Arraché I confess — I downloaded this album from eMusic because Hersch is … kinda cute.
  • Shiina Ringo, Watashi to Houden I don’t think I really ought to write a review of this compilation because I can get really fanboy with it.
  • Sigur Rós, Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust After the grand ambition of the last three albums, this one is something Sigur Rós needed to record. In other words, don’t expect Takk …
  • Sufjan Stevens, Illinois That really is a nice cover of Music for 18 Musicians at the end.
  • The Dead Betties, This Is My Brain on Drugs Not the brutal sonic assault of the last two albums, but surprisingly melodic nonetheless.
  • U2, Boy and October (Deluxe Edition), War (remastered) I’ve so far only heard the extra tracks from Boy, and boy (ha!) is it refreshing to hear U2 barely able to play. I didn’t opt to get the deluxe edition of War because it’s as bloated and tuneless as I remember it to be.
  • Van Tomiko, "Tokyo Biyori" Owatari Ryo ga irimasu yo.