SXSW posts 2009 music festival schedule

I wasn’t inclined to go to the music festival this year on account that I need to save cash for a trip in November, but now that I’ve looked over the full schedule, I can’t say I’m missing much.

If I were to go to the festival, I’d probably catch just the Friday Japan Nite, then spend the rest of the festival going to shows of gay interest. The Cliks and Jay Brannan aren’t listed, but Mirah is. So are the Indigo Girls, but I was never a fan.

Tokumaru Shugo is also no longer listed, but Flower Travellin’ Band and Natchuu have been added.

I might make it out to the Explosions in the Sky show at Auditorium Shores, since that’s free to the public. And if Grizzly Bear is doing a day show somewhere free, I might make an effort.

At least now I don’t have to worry about taking vacation time for that part of the week. But my friend Ryan is going to be in town for the Interactive festival. Hmmm …