News briefs: Zoobombs’ Don Matsuo, MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS, ZAZEN BOYS

I recently relaunched all my sites — including this one — with a new web framework (as evidenced by a new URL structure.) So I missed out on the following news items from

  • Zoobombs’ mastermind Don Matsuo is releasing a second solo album, titled New Stone Age, on March 11. The album consists of 10 songs and is described by Bounce as being energetic and funky. Matsuo’s first solo album was released three years ago.
  • MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS singer Miyamoto Natsuko was diagnosed with chronic chorditis, thus forcing the sudden cancellation of the duo’s tour. Doctors have ordered Miyamoto to give her vocals a rest. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.
  • ZAZEN BOYS are heading to New York for a few quick performances before embarking on a nationwide tour of Japan. The three-date tour from March 6 to 8 includes stops at Cake Shop, The Saint and Pianos. The band played some gigs in New York last year while recording ZAZEN BOYS 4 with Dave Fridmann at Tarbox Road Studios. (I actually learned about those gigs first from the Keikaku message boards.)