Department of Eagles, Waterloo Records, March 19, 2009

Daniel Rossen must have had a rough Wednesday night. His band Department of Eagles had a 10 p.m. showcase at Central Presbyterian Church, and during the Waterloo in-store performance the next day, Rossen stopped at a few points.

First, his microphone went out during "Phantom Other", and a few measures into "No One Does It Like You", he had to recollect himself, then start again.

But his repartee with guitarist Fred Nicolaus — and with the audience — made those glitches feel intimate. Of course, the set itself stripped away most of the technical wizardry on the band’s second album, In Ear Park. The pared arrangements still suited the songs incredibly well.

Nicolaus copped to standing around looking cool for most of the performance, which he did for a number of songs. Despite whatever kind of night Rossen had, his voice came through crystal clear.

The highlight of the in-store was the final song, a new one in which Rossen overdubbed his vocals live into loops. It was cool to witness an ethereal chorus of Rossens emerge out of nowhere.

I would have loved to see Grizzly Bear’s showcase, but I’m glad I caught Department of Eagles.