Natccu, Cheapo Discs, March 18, 2009

The problem with being a fan of Shiina Ringo, Cocco and even BONNIE PINK is knowing how close a Japanese female solo artist gets to those benchmarks — or how far.

Natccu played to a very sparse audience at a Cheapo Discs in-store performance, but her band was loud enough to make me regret forgetting my ear plugs. Her music jumped from garage rock to post-punk, and a few technical difficulties didn’t throw her off.

But throughout her set, I couldn’t escape the notion Natccu still has a way to go. The songs, while good, didn’t inspire me to drop $5 on a CD, and her quivering, burnished voice seemed at odds with the music, when it should have suitable.

I’m sure she’ll find fans this side of the Pacific Ocean, and I’m hoping in a few years, I can check back with Natccu and find she’s become the musician she may still yet to be.