My, haven’t we been scarce as of late, or again with the Eponymous 4 pimping …

After such a flurry of posts in March, I’ve all but disappeared this month. I have two excuses. The first is a whole of shopping I got done at the end of March, between the Waterloo storewide sale, the Austin Record Convention and my monthly eMusic quota. So I’ve actually been busy listening to a bunch of new stuff, trying to figure out about what I’d eventually want to write.

The more immediate excuse is the release of the first full-length Eponymous 4 album. Don’t get excited — it’s really just an over-glorified demo, and I’m branding it as such. (For the time being, I’ve even installed a widget on the right side there for you to hear the whole thing.) Head over to the Eponymous 4 official site to learn more about the album. Heck, you can even download the tracks for free.

But if you’re so inclined to purchase it, you can get it from such fine retailers as CD Baby, Bandcamp and Amie Street. CD Baby has also delivered the album to retail, so it may pop up on iTunes, Amazon and Lala any day now.

Oh, and this album is an online release only. I don’t have the cash to press up CDs, and really, who’s going to buy one when I don’t even play live?