Looking ahead: May 2009-June 2009

A lot of release news came down the pike while I was busy doing Eponymous 4 stuff, so I never got around to posting about it. It’s handy, then, to have these round-up entries now and again.

Sinéad O’Connor, I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got (Special Edition), April 21

I might check this reissue out, even though I like The Lion and the Cobra much, much more. A lot of people were touched by the honesty of this album, but I found it musically limp next to her mostly-ignored debut.

Levi Kreis, Where I Belong, May 5

I liked One of the Ones far more than I should have, but the bigger production of The Gospel According to Levi Kries came across as more ho-hum. Not sure what the sound of this next album will be, but I’m willing to listen.

Utada, This is the One, May 12

Huh. And here I thought the March 24 release date was for retail. Turns out it was online only. I saved the album on Lala, but I haven’t listened to it since then. I actually think I’ve listened to the BoA album a lot more.


I’m taking BONNIE PINK albums on a case-by-case basis now. Thinking Out Loud didn’t wow me, and I haven’t heard any of the singles preceding this album.

detroit7, Black & White, May 20

Fuji Fabric, CHRONICLE, May 20

Sasagawa Miwa, miwaMIRAGE, May 20

Did you know detroit7 released an album in the US? The self-titled album is a compilation of tracks from the band’s two most recent EPs in Japan. (The Daruma label sent me a copy, about which I’ll write in the future.) Well, the band is set to release a new album in Japan as well.

The Fuji Fabric and Sasagawa Miwa albums were previously reported.

Shiina Ringo, "Ariamaru Tori", May 27

What’s happening with Tokyo Jihen, I wonder? In addition to the new single — which was mentioned before — Shiina has been collaborating with a lot of people, as the following items demonstrate …

Do as Infinity, "∞1", June 17

Puffy AmiYumi, Bring It!, June 17

I don’t really keep up with Puffy Ami Yumi, but Shiina Ringo is contributing a track to the duo’s next album, which also includes songs by Yamanaka Sawao of the pillows, Saito Kazuyoshi and Avril Lavigne(!)

The first new single by the reunited Do As Infinity arrives on the same day and contains four songs: "Umare Yuku no Tachi e", "Maramara", "Timeless" and "Hoka". The title of the single reads as "Infinity Ichi".

Hatakeyama Miyuki, TBD (Best album), June 24

Tomosaka Rie, Toridori, June 24

Yorico, Kioku, June 24

At first, I thought Kioku was a new single by Yorico, who’s been keeping pretty quiet since the release of her last album, Negau. As it turns out, Kioku is a full-length album with no singles preceding the release. Odd.

TV personality Tomosaka Rie hasn’t released any music since the start of the decade, and her last single, "Shoujo Robot", was written entirely by then-new comer, Shiina Ringo. Looks like Tomosaka is dabbling in music again, with Shiina and Tokyo Jihen in tow. Toridori also includes contributions by Clammbon and Kimura Kaela.

The Hatakeyama Miyuki best album has no details at this point, but it’s being released by Rhythm Zone. I hope it includes some of her Toshiba-EMI material, because the Rhythm Zone albums have mostly been a wash.