Release news round-up: UA, Onitsuka Chihiro, ART-SCHOOL

A few news items were posted to, and rather than report on them individually, I’m wrapping them up in a single round-up:

  • UA is set to release a new album, titled ATTA, on July 22. This time around, she works with the likes of YOSHIMO from the Boredoms, Hosono Haruomi and Asamoto Hirofumi.
  • Also arriving July 22 is a new single by Onitsuka Chihiro, titled "Kaerimichi wo Nakushite". Bounce describes it as a "straight, majestic ballad". Her latest single, "X/Last Melody", is released today.
  • ART-SCHOOL is currently in the studio putting the final touches on its next album to be released on Aug. 5. The album features new member Suzuki Hiroyuki, who replaces drummer Sakurai Yuuichi.

Today (May 20) is a pretty big release day. In addition to the aforementioned Onitsuka, new releases by Sasagawa Miwa, detroit7, Fuji Fabric and FLiP hit the stores. Alas, I pre-ordered none of these, thinking I may pick them up later in the year, when I head to Japan for vacation.

I really, really want to hear the new Sasagawa and FLiP albums. FLiP’s Haha kara Umareta Hinekure no Uta has become one of my favorite late discoveries, and I’m glad I caught the band at the Japan Preview party at SXSW this past March. I hope Fuji Fabric’s previous album, TEENAGER, is still around — I never picked it up, even though I like it alot.