Track list for Hatakeyama Miyuki best album revealed

A while back I mentioned Hatakeyama Miyuki is releasing a solo career retrospective. Well, the track list of the album, titled CHRONICLE 2001-2009, is now available.

Although released on Hatakeyama’s current label, Rhythm Zone, the album contains tracks from her EMI Japan years, as well as various theme songs she’s recorded for a number of films. The collection has 18 tracks total.

Hatakeyama Miyuki, CHRONICLE 2001-2009

  1. Kagayaku Tsuki ga Terasu Yoru
  2. Ai ni Melody
  3. Umi ga Hoshii no ni
  4. Romance wo Mou Ichidou
  5. Hoshi ga Saita yo
  6. Don’t Know Why
  7. Summer Clouds, Summer Rain
  8. So Far Away (Live)
  9. Kageri Yuku Heya
  10. Kuchitzuke (Another Version)
  11. Somethin’ stupid feat. Lily Frankie
  12. Diving into your mind
  13. Wakaba no Koro
  14. This Is Goodbye
  15. Hamabe no Uta (Live)
  16. Timeless
  17. Tooi Hi, Tooi Basho
  18. The Water Is Wide (Live)