Tomosaka Rie comeback album contains tracks by Shiina Ringo, Tokyo Jihen reports Japanese actress Tomosaka Rie will release a new album, Toridori, on June 24. Also arriving the same day is a reissue of her best album, rie tomosaka best + 3.

In addition to contributions by Shiina Ringo and members of Tokyo Jihen, the eight-track Toridori includes collaborations by Kimura Kaela and Clammbon’s Harada Ikuko and Mito. The best album is the same as her 1999 release, with the addition of the "Shoujo Robot" single written by Shiina and released in 2000.

Tomosaka Rie, Toridori

  1. Curtain Fall (Music, lyrics and arrangement by Mito)
  2. Tokai no Manner (Music and lyrics by Shiina Ringo; arrangement by Tokyo Jihen)
  3. Mezame (Music, lyrics and arrangement by Ukigumo [Tokyo Jihen])
  4. TARINSU (Music, lyrics and arrangement by Izawa Ichiyou [Tokyo Jihen])
  5. Zutto (Music by ZOOCO, lyrics by K-Muto and ZOOCO, arrangement by K-Muto)
  6. GOOD DAY GOOD BYE (Lyrics by Harada Ikuko, music and arrangement by Oohata Yuuichi)
  7. Kodomo no Jyoukei (Lyrics by Shiina Ringo and Izawa Ichiyou, music and arrangement by Shiina Ringo)
  8. Mother Goose (Lyrics by Kaela Kimura, music and arrangement by Mito)