Is this what happens when you push a blog down a hill?

I don’t have much sidebar real estate to devote to my blogroll, and in reality, a lot of the blogs to which I’m subscribed in Bloglines don’t update very often.

Of the ones I read, a fraction of them has a content that makes its way here to (Oh, who am I kidding? This site is essentially localized into English.)

After all this time, though, I ought to acknowledge some of the other sites I read when I’m not updating this one:

  • Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise I actually like Alex Ross more as a print writer than as a blogger. I pretty much follow it to keep up with what he writers for the New Yorker.

  • Amped Out In my quest to find music by gay artists that don’t suck — and that’s a tall order, in my book — I follow this music blog published by PlanetOut. Most of the time, it dishes on gay-marketed music than actual music by gay artists.

  • ArtsJournal ArtsJournal is an arts-focused aggregator, and it used to have a separate feed for its music coverage. I think I prefer reading about all the arts now.

  • aworks I can more than guarantee that whatever Robert Gable is listening to is something you are probably not.

  • This site would not still be running if it weren’t for

  • I’d call this site the Pitchfork of Japanese indie rock, but the writing on Keikaku isn’t insufferable. I actually lurk on the forums more than anything else.

  • purple Sky I actually contributed something to the purple Sky print magazine a while back — just a top 10 list. I found the site in my referral log one morning, and I’m glad to see they’ve moved the content online. Then again, a print publication is kind of a crazy proposition in this media climate.

  • The Standing Room Actual blog posts on the Standing Room have become few and far between, but the linklog has some really great finds.