Release news round-up: Onitsuka Chihiro, ACO

Used to be, the moment I would come across some release news, I’d jump online and post about it here. These days, I’ve been far more distracted, and I’m much more willing to let things slide. Still, I ought to mention a few upcoming releases that may interest long-time readers, although by now it’s pretty much old news:

  • Onitsuka Chihiro is set to release a new single on Sept. 2 titled "Kagerou". Tokunaga Hideki and Sakamoto Maskayuki, who worked with Hirahara Ayaka on the hit song "Jupiter", produced the new single.
  • Victoria over at purple Sky comes through again with this tidbit about ACO she scooped in the comments of a recent entry. ACO is set to release a new single, titled "My Dearest Friend", on Sept. 2 as well. Another single before the end of the year precedes an album. I kind of wondered when Golden Pink Arrows would release something.