Welcome, Holidailies readers

My friends Jette and chip organize this online event called Holidailies, in which participants vow to update their blogs and journals everyday for the month of December (rather, from Dec. 7-Jan. 6.)

I’ve participated in Holidailes before, but not with Musicwhore.org. Given the dearth of content on this site in the last six months, I figure I may as well try to put myself in a position to produce.

I’m skeptical.

I’ve found it harder and harder to write about music. I attempted a shorter review style with the Antony and the Johnsons and … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead reviews, but I find myself starting entries, then abandoning them. I’m thinking the well is starting to run dry, if it is not already.

I also think my priorities as a listener are shifting, and that’s evident in this year’s Favorite Edition list, which hasn’t changed much since second quarter. Why? Because I’m not listening to new releases. My most recent purchases before my Japan trip were all catalog: Hüsker Dü, Kate Bush, Duran Duran and U2.

In any case, this entry is supposed to welcome all the new readers from Holidailies who may be wandering here for the first time.


Welcome to Musicwhore.org, a music weblog that covers whatever the hell I’m listening to at the moment, which tends to skew toward Japanese indie rock, modern classical music, college rock from the ’80s and music by gay artists.

I estimate my current readership is roughly 10, and given the odd lack of focus on this site, I don’t see that number budging much, even with Holidailies traffic.

Of course, if you come away discovering the likes of Shiina Ringo, Steve Reich or Gentleman Reg, then I have done my job. And that’s what should matter in the end.

I should warn my regular readers that the pressure to produce, produce, produce may result in extra-topical entries. I believe in music industry parlance, it is called "filler."